iPhone 5 with physical keyboard, bigger screen & better camera?


iPhone with keyboardRumors from a reliable sources says that the new iPhone 5 will have a much larger screen and includes a slide out keyboard and increased mega pixel camera.

Apple is known to be working on three different prototypes of iPhone for the next generation of iPhone, that is iPhone 5.

Ofcourse, Apple is competiting with Android Smartphones which feature bigger screens, high mega pixel cameras and the physical keyboards too. Now, the rumors says, iPhone 5 will have a camera of 8-12 megapixels. The physical keyboard, may be useless to the user who is used to onscreen virtual keyboard, but many users find it more comfort on physical keyboard. Also, the screen size is said to be increased to 4 inches from 3.5 inches.

With the rumors of iPhone Nano and iPad 2, this new changes in iPhone 5 may help in viewing small documents and web, but there will be decrease in battery life with a heavier phone to carry. Apple is changing things quickly to hold up the competition with Android.