Apple iPhone 4S to cost $349 price, both iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 to release on September, see features and specs of both


iPhone 4S, Cheaper & UnlockediPhone 5 rumors are at the peak as we are only 3 months away for its release. iPhone 4S which has less specs and cheaper is also going to be released this September along with iPhone 5.

Before, we’ve heard rumors of iPhone 5 getting thinner and larger screen. Other rumors also included the 5 mega-pixel camera specs of iPhone 5, later which was rumored to be a huge 8 mega-pixel camera which works on A5 Chip.

We also knew that Apple was working on an cheaper iPhone, which would be unlocked and need no contracts.

According to Fortune, Apple will be releasing both iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S on late September this year.

The report says “The time is right for Apple to compete the mid-ranged smartphone’s markets where Nokia and RIMM struggles, which expands Apple’s market share.”

The iPhone 4S will be unlocked and is priced around $349 and would be available on pre-paid plans.

The iPhone 4S which is unlocked and more cheaper will compete against the markets on Asia, Africa and Latin America where iPhone presence is low because most of the users prefer prepaid plans. Around 1.5 billion customers in 98 countries use pre-paid phones and which cost around $300 to $500. See the chart below:

Prepaid Vs Postpaid

Prepaid Vs Postpaid