Jailbreak PS3 3.66, PlayStation3 latest firmware 3.66 system update, Also see What is PS3 Jailbreak?


PlayStation3 - PS3Jailbreak 3.66 firmware of PS3 is now available. PlayStation 3 latest firmware 3.66 was updated on June 23. Download PS3 latest firmware 3.66 here.

But before PS3 3.66 jailbreak, lets see what is PS3 jailbreak and how it changes your PlayStation. Jailbreak PS3 3.66 uses a file manager which downloads various files which is required to jailbreak PS3. The jailbreak of PS3 3.66 will enable PS3 games to be played directly from the system hard drive without having the need to insert the game disc time and again. Also, gamers can backup their games into the system hard drives. This is possible because jailbreak PS3 3.66 allows bypassing of security over the use of USB devices. So after jailbreaking your homebrew PS3 3.66, you’ll be able to save and execute games from your hard drive.

Here’s how to jailbreak PS3 3.66,

  • Download the file manager “Launcher Files Holder”
    Download via Mediafire
    Download via Megaupload
  • Run the PS3 jailbreak Launcher
  • Download the PlayStation Jailbreak PSJ files from the launcher
  • Now, extract or copy the files into a clean or booted USB drives such as pen-drives or flash drives.
  • Then insert the USB drive into the PS3 USB port and install the update from the USB which is like updating your system
  • After the update is complete, you can insert any game disc and backup your games or applications storing it into your PS3 hard drive. You can backup until you reach your size limit and you can lauchn the applications such as games anytime.
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