PS3 4.0 update released, 4.00 system firmware update download, Important for PS Vita & small new features to PS3


PS3 4.00 update released!Sony has released it new PS3 4.0 update to the PlayStation3 users. The PS3 4.0 system firmware update has been released mainly for the PS Vita. However, 4.00 PS3 update will help PS3 to serve as a content management device.

But the new PS3 4.00 update doesn’t include as much as new features that were expected by seeing the big number 4. Before this update, 3.73 was the latest firmware for the PS3.

By updating to PS3 4.0 firmware, PS3 users can copy their media including games, music, videos, etc. between PS3 and the new PS Vita. You can back up the PS Vita saved data to PS3 hard drive. The 4.00 PS3 update seems all about PS Vita has it also let users update the system software of PS Vita using PS3 networks. Now, PS Vita can use Remote Play settings too.

To use these PS Vita and PS3 binding features, you should establish a USB connection between PS3 and the PS Vita. All are controlled by the PS3 Vita system.

PS3 4.0 udpate includes few other features for the PS+ users. PlayStation Plus members now have the option to enable or disable the automatic update for the following:
- Game patches
- System software
- Recommended games and videos
- Sync trophy information

 You can download PS3 4.0 update here.

  • There is a new PSN privacy settings for the 4.0 updated users which allows friend requests and messages filtering.
  • “Delete PS Vita System’s Backup files” added under System settings.
  • “PS Vita Application Utility” added in the Game.
  • For Blu-ray Disc content, upscaler output and cinema conversion options are added in settings.
  • PSP+ Icon on XMB can be used to quickly access the PSP store.
  • Health Warning along with the PS3 logo is added.
  • New languages included.

Though the above updates seems huge, these are only the minors for PS3. PS3 4.00 update is important only for the PS Vita and updating to 4.00 system firmware on PS3 is not mandatory.