Facebook Timeline now released to all users, You can get the new profile now with just one click! See here how to enable Timeline


facebook-timeline-logoA week ago, facebook started to give their users the new Facebook Timeline. But it was only limited to some countries. But now, it has been made available to all the facebook users.

Facebook Timeline is a whole new experience of the Facebook Profile. As we posted earlier, its a completely new profile layout for the users of Facebook.

And you and get the Facebook Timeline right now by a single click of a button. So if you want the new Facebook Profile, then simply follow these steps:

[Once you've activated the timeline, you can get the old profile back!]

1. Goto http://facebook/about/timeline.

2. Click ‘Get Timeline’ button at the lower right.


After you click the ‘Get Timeline’ button, it would show up your new profile. But hey, its not finished yet. Till now it is only a preview of what other will see.

So, lets see what’s there to do before you actually make your Timeline visible to others. Well first you can see ‘Add a cover’ button. What this does is show up a cover photo on your profile.

facebook-timeline-23. If you want to set up a cover photo, click “Add a Cover’, then select a photo. Then Drag to Reposition the Cover photo and click “Save Changes” when you’ve positioned it. Adding a cover photo is optional though.

Now you need to show your Timeline Profile to others too. So click “Publish Now” and your Facebook Timeline Profile would be fully activated and will be visible to others. If you don’t click “Publish Now”, then your profile will automatically be activated after December 22.

Now you’ve done setting up the Facebook Timeline, lets see what’s new and cool things to do.

If you want to update status, then there is a new box as shown in pic below. But only new thing about it is the “Life Event”. It lets you post about a special event.

facebook-timeline-statusfacebook-timeline-life-eventsYou can edit or remove the posts/status by clicking the buttons at the top right corner of a status. Here, you’ll see a new thing called ‘Feature’. What this really do is expand the post to the whole page-width.

facebook-timeline-featureBrowse through all of your facebook activities starting from the very first day when you joined the facebook. You’ll see year/month at the top right of your Facebook Timeline Profile Page.facebook-timeline-history

So enjoy your new Facebook Profile i.e Facebook Timeline. And share this with your friends and families too!!

  • liza

    i don’t see activate now button when i visited the timeline link.. im a new facebook user how do i get it?

  • Sandykaur2610

    i never found get timelime

  • Luvtaswim1992

    i dont see the button…i dont want to wait to get this…i want to do it while i have the time