Apple TV teardown; 8 GB flash storage and 512 RAM


Apple TV, after a week of its launch with the new iPad, faced a teardown, and we have some revelations collected for you!

As already talked about, the device has A5 chip; an upgrade form the last A4 one it had. However, the A5 chip named APL2498 isn’t the same as it was on the iPad 2 or iPhone 4S. The date on the chip suggest being made at around Mid February 2012.

Again an upgrade from the 256 MB RAM in its precedor, has a 512 MB of RAM. However, the flash storage remains the same of 8 GB (from Toshiba) despite having to run with larger 1080p content.

Another thing the new apple TV has worth noting would be, a second antenna. Although its actual purpose is not very obvious.