Rumor: New iPhone to have 4.6 inch display and revised LTE


The upcoming iPhone – iPhone 5 or whatever Apple may call it in the time has rumors about its features and size coming in rapidly these days.

Reportedly, the upcoming phone shall have a 4.6 inch display, an enlargement from the 3.5 inch screen of its preceders. The other Smart phones of Android origins, already have a screen larger than 4 inch. The new iPhone screen is also believed to sport a retina display manufactured by Samsung and LG.

Also, like LTE in the new iPad recently released, the iPhone 5 is also expected to have a Qualcomm’s “MDM9615″ LTE chip. This LTE chip will apparently help in data transmissions 4G. The chip shall of course be a revise from the Qualcomm’s “MDM9600.” chip in the new iPad.

iPhone 5 was expected to release last year already and rumors about its features like the teardrop design was out in full swings. But then Apple released iPhone 4S, to many people’s disappointment.

The question we have here is, will all the development make the new phone handle in terms of battery? Guess we will have to wait and watch!

Are you excited about the iPhone 5? Do let us know!