The new iPhone 5 to feature 3D camera? [Rumor/News]


Apple’s next fireworks in their Cupertino inventory is likely their 5th generation iPhone; iPhone 5. Speculations and rumors are likely to raining heavily. Big things are certainly expected out of the iPhone 5. Uncovered patents suggest that Apple is working on a 3D camera for its iOS devices. iPhone 5 could be on the top of the list.

Apple was the one to uncover details of a patent registered by Apple outlining a 3D imaging camera. If you have a look at the diagram then you will find Apple’s solution using three sensors, two for polarised images and a third non-polarised image. The three are then melded together to create the final 3D image.


Apple may use this for the purpose of scanning and producing 3D models of objects. But one thing that we should certainly consider is just an application of patent cannot suggest turning in the very next device. So, iPhone 5 may or may not get 3D camera, this is just a rumor.