Samsung may unveil S-Cloud, its own cloud service on May 3


In every aspects, both Samsung and Apple seem to be competing with one another. Samsung is in the verge of introducing a competitor for Apple’s iCloud. It has been heard that Samsung is preparing its own cloud service, dubbed S-Cloud. And as per the reports, the new cloud service from Samsung will be unveiled next month.

In the occasion of introducing next Galaxy phone scheduled for May 3, we may be introduced with Samsung’s S-Cloud too. As per the Maeil Business it will be working exactly like Apple’s iCloud but there won’t be limitations on the type of content you would like to upload. It has been expected that the cloud service will enable to access different media contents like movies, musics, TV shows and much more with both free and paid content. Most of the Samsung devices will be powered up with the new service ranging from laptop, tablets and smartphones. Storage has been expected to be “more than 5GB” but isn’t clear if there’s any paid schemes too.

Reports also suggest that the new cloud service will be initiated in the combined effort of Microsoft and Samsung. Previously, it was hinted that Samsung had delayed the service after problems finding a suitable partner.