Will Microsoft’s Experiment So.cl Stand Strong In Social Network Arena?


There’s no doubt the social networks have acquired an important part of our lives and we cannot remain away connecting from them. For sure Facebook is an inseparable term if we ever talk about social networks. Various tech biggies tried their hard to compete with Facebook, but Zuckerberg’s network seems to be growing stronger and stronger. Google introduced Google+ but couldn’t replace Facebook from the top spot. Now, another tech giant, Microsoft has launched it’s own social network, So.cl

So.cl was in talks from December but has been recently unleashed from beta testing. Microsoft has come up with a different approach for So.cl which makes it unique than other networks. As per the Microsoft, So.cl is an “experimental research project” rather than a product. With So.cl, Microsoft aims to combine Web browsing, search, and social-networking to allow students to share materials (search results) for academic purposes.

So, the new social network So.cl is simply a combination of both the search engine and a social network. As stated above, this can be good platform for the students and is also available for students only as of now. The users can log on to the network via Facebook or Windows live. Every data you post on the network will be public. The information page of the site clearly mentions all the aims of the project.

But the final point which we should consider is competition. Lots of social networks are in a lost state as the Facebook came over to trend. Facebook is an undisputed name in the market which compels everyone to think “will So.cl stand strong enough to compete with Facebook?”