Apple Rumor: new iPhones with 3.95 inch and 1136 x 640 display screens being tested


Didn’t someone say Bigger is better? If you are one of those, and would love an extra sized phone in your pocket, rumor town might have something interesting for you all.

Apparently, Apple has been testing new iPhones with 3.95 inch (almost 4 inches) and 1136 x 640 display screens. And well, this isn’t even a new rumor. This has been going around for quite a while now that Apple may bring an increase in the sizes.

And not just the phone, news are on about the dock connectors too, sleek ones! “Pill Shaped”, if rumors are to be believed. It’s going to be a much narrower version of the current squared off (on the corners) dock connector and between the size of a Micro-USB and Mini-USB connector.

The source , Mac Rumors has a mixed reputation when it comes to rumors like this. For some a larger iPhone would be great! For some, it would mean unnecessary pocket space and awkward shape.

But then again, Apple might just be faking in rumors to prevent the real thing from leaking out. After all, we do know Apple enough to know how it likes functioning in secret now, don’t we?