Google Takes Over Motorola: Should Apple Be Scared Now?


Google won’t be just internet giant further. Google now has something up for smartphone industry too. The internet giant officially took over Motorola Mobility. Along with the smartphones, Google now owns 17.000 patents too. This may be something Apple should really worry about.

Apple may be threatening Google with their iPhone 5 and iOS 6 but it seems Google is ready to strike back with this $12,5 billion worth takeover. Google is well known as a software company and now they are in the hardware market too. May be Google is willing to power up their Android Eco-system.

Have a look at what Google’s CEO Parry Page says about the takeover:

It’s a well known fact that people tend to overestimate the impact technology will have in the short term, but underestimate its significance in the longer term. Many users coming online today may never use a desktop machine, and the impact of that transition will be profound—as will the ability to just tap and pay with your phone. That’s why it’s a great time to be in the mobile business, and why I’m confident Dennis and the team at Motorola will be creating the next generation of mobile devices that will improve lives for years to come.

Along with this takeover, we can make sure how serious is Google. There is some intense battle and it’s clear in vision now. Previously, Google may have been seen supporting their partner in the patent war against Apple. But along with this acquisition, Google has armored itself for the battlefield and probably is already feeling way stronger.

  • James E. Burkett

    In one word, YES. (They should be very afraid)