ZTE Athena To Be The World’s Thinnest Phone, ZTE Surpasses Oppo’s 6.65 mm Mark


How thin a phone can actually be? Let’s not just have a fixed measurement as phone manufacturers just seem to fail your maths. Oppo’s 6.65 mm phone would be thinnest phone at least for some duration in the market, well many had this calculation. But ZTE just seems to have made the odds in it’s favor and played a bit more with maths. ZTE has reduced thickness of a phone to just 6.2 mm. The phone has named to be Athena. The Chinese website Weibo mentions ZTE Athena has become world thinnest smartphone. 

The specs just doesn’t seem to be the thinner one like it’s thickness. ZTE has really introduced a power-packed phone at such a thin phone. The phone will be powered up by Cortex-A15 processor and will have huge storage space of 64GB. Reports on screen size are unclear but 720p display looks certain one. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and ZTE’s Mifavor User Interface will also be boosting the phone.

The release date and price are still to be disclosed. Perhaps the phone will be hitting the European and American stores within few months.