Encyclopaedia Britannica Signed By Bing, Search Results Extended


Encyclopaedia Britannica has joined Bing’s quest for extended search results. Microsoft has penned a deal with Britannica. The deal will let Bing to add Britannica’s references.

The deal will let the users have summaries of the topics while Britannica may be heading forward to stop printing hard copies. The deal came public via a post in bing’s blog.

Microsoft took the step in quest to provide customers the relevant information in more organized way. And the results appear quickly. With the Encyclopaedia now merged in Bing’s system, search results appear with Wikipedia, Britannica, Freebase and Qwiki at the top pf summary each search result.

Meanwhile, it has also been noticed that Britannica’s results weren’t popping on every search. Instead of that, it only appeared when a link the encyclopaedia would appear in the result lists.