Google I/O 2012 includes Android 4.1 Jelly Beans, a new Tablet, Google+, Maps & more


Google’s annual developers conference begins in couple of hours in San Francisco. The conference has drawn over 5500 attendees giving opportunity to developers to interact with Google. The Google I/O will also give news and announcements on it’s products and strategy.

Google has confirmed the release its new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean giving a major upgrade to Android Smartphones. The official blog of Android has been updated with their latest Jelly Bean video. We hope to see slight UI changes. And most importantly, Chrome now might be the primary browser removing off its beta-tag.


It is also heard that they’ll unveil a tablet co-branded with Asus to compete against Kindle Fire. Just earlier this month, Microsoft also released it’s own Surface tablet.

Google+ is now a year old. Co-incidence that Google I/O is just a day before the launch of Google+ (G+ was launched on June 28, 2011). Google+ has certainly grown throughout this year and Google may upgrade it with cool new features on the occasion of its one year anniversary.

Google Maps is also expected to get some changes as it has just dropped off from iOS 6 which was replaced by Apple’s own Maps. So, they might release a separate App for iOS. The offline Google Maps was also unveiled some weeks ago.

Other announcements may include Google’s Cloud Platform and Google Drive. Developers are expecting to get their Android and Web content to Google TV. Google Play Store also has possibilities of getting improved with this year’s Google I/O.

You can continue reading about the latest on Google I/O on our website. We’ve also set-up liveblogging page of the event. So stay tuned!