Facebook Home launched for Android – Cover Feed, Chat Heads, HTC First phone unveiled


Facebook has unveiled a new launcher-app for Android called ‘Home’ which was announced today by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. It turns your phone into a great social device giving you more power to share and be more open and connected to the Facebook.

Facebook Home

Facebook Home isn’t an ordinary app but acts as a social layer between your Apps and OS of the phone and provides access to Facebook features. The app launcher transforms your phone’s home screen to ‘Cover Feed’. It is just like news feed but a swipe-able version. You can like a post by double-tapping on the screen or you can comment by tapping a button. Photos and status updates both are visually rich in case of presentation.

Home Screen and Chat Heads

Home Screen and Chat Heads

‘Chat Heads’, yes that’s the name of another new feature included in ‘Home’ which changes the way people have been messaging using phone. It is a perfect version of messaging with smart notifications showing friend’s picture. Now you can chat with friends when using an app without having to switch between apps.

Facebook Home really seems to change the feel of your phone. You can ofcourse have access to your usual apps by showing a small menu on Cover Feed. The Home can be downloaded on some Android devices including HTC One, HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2. But ‘HTC First’ from AT&T will be the first phone to have Facebook Home pre-installed. You can pre-order HTC’s new phone which will start shipping from April 12 for $99.99. Also, Home can be downloaded from Play Store starting from April 12 or if you have the latest Facebook and Messenger app, then you’ll be reminded.


We’ll not be expecting Facebook Home on iOS as Apple doesn’t allow launcher apps which tweaks phones. There are 750 million Android users which Facebook is targeting with Home. You can find the official info page here.

Also, you can watch the Facebook Home Ad below.