What is Bitstrips? Cartoon Comic Strips Making App Goes Viral on Facebook, iPhone and Android


What are those cartoon-like post in my Facebook news feed. Are they comic strips featuring characters who look just like my friends? What I confronted was ‘Bitstrips’.


So what is Bitstrips? It is a newly viral Facebook app that allows you to create and share comic strips. You can create an avatar resembling you and your friends. The app features a lot of customization tools from hairstyles to fashion clothes. Bitstrips claims that “It is totally new and personalized way to interact with your friends.”

Making Bitstrips comic is quite easy and fun. But here’s what you need to know about Bitstrips.

Its all about you. Your Bitstrips avatar can be completely customized just like any other typical avatar app. Then you can add this avatar into thousands of preset comic scenes and moods. You can also make greeting cards instead.

Add friend’s character to comic. If your friends use Bitstrips too, you can create comic strips starring your friends. There’s a separate section in the app for that which includes relevant comic scenes and situations.

While creating these comics, the character’s personality and facial expressions can also be changed to suit the scene best, which is done automatically at first. That’s why Bitstrips is also considered as the most versatile avatar-creation tool on the web, or atleast on Facebook.


Bitstrips was released on December 2012. As of today, it has over 11 million active users with over 3 billion Bitstrips images viewed. Along with Facebook, its iPhone and Android App are also available for download.

But this craze has also spread backlash rapidly among the users. Most of them are already fed up of it while others are still trying to find the funny side of it.

If you haven’t used it yet and want to try, here’s the link.