PS3 4.0 update released, 4.00 system firmware update download, Important for PS Vita & small new features to PS3

PS3 4.00 update released!

Sony has released it new PS3 4.0 update to the PlayStation3 users. The PS3 4.0 system firmware update has been released mainly for the PS Vita. However, 4.00 PS3 update will help PS3 to serve as a content management device. But the new PS3 4.00 update doesn’t include as much as new features that were […]

PS3 Update 3.70 firmware available for download, Brings auto trophy syncing, games save to cloud, improved TV/Video services including Blu-Ray movies


PS3 Update 3.70 is now live and available for download on your PlayStation 3. The new PS3 Update 3.70 firmware can be ¬†downloaded HERE or if you have PlayStation Plus, you’ll see a notificaiton on your PS3 that the new firmware update has been downloaded and is ready to install. The new PS3 3.70 firmware […]