What is Bitstrips? Cartoon Comic Strips Making App Goes Viral on Facebook, iPhone and Android


What are those cartoon-like post in my Facebook news feed. Are they comic strips featuring characters who look just like my friends? What I confronted was ‘Bitstrips’. So what is Bitstrips? It is a newly viral Facebook app that allows you to create and share comic strips. You can create an avatar resembling you and […]

How to get Google+ custom vanity URL for Profile and Page, available to everyone officially


Google has updated Google+ with the addition of custom URL. The custom vanity URL is being gradually being sent to the users. So if you haven’t got it yet, you’ll have to wait few days. What is Google Plus Custom or Vanity URL? Currently, the Google+ Profile or Page URL is something like ‘plus.google.com/106435908178362091487′. But […]

Facebook Home launched for Android – Cover Feed, Chat Heads, HTC First phone unveiled

Facebook Home

Facebook has unveiled a new launcher-app for Android called ‘Home’ which was announced today by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. It turns your phone into a great social device giving you more power to share and be more open and connected to the Facebook. Facebook Home isn’t an ordinary app but acts as a social layer […]

Google+ launches Events feature and a new Android & Tablet App on its one year anniversary


Google+ has turned a year old today! The social network from the search engine giant have had a pretty good year. It’s been a year of hits for them as well as the users. Now there are 250 million users on Google+ and the rate is increasing daily. According to Google, users now spends at […]

Google I/O 2012 Live Video Stream/Blog and Live Twitter Reactions


It’s time for this year’s Google I/O. Here’s what to expect. Just one and half hour left now! And here’s the live event along with live streaming video. You can also view our Google+ page where we’ll be updating each and every event announcements live. Here’s what people are saying about Google I/O on Twitter […]

Facebook’s App Center Rolls Out, 600 Apps Featured

App center

Facebook has rolled out its App Center. The announcement was whistled officially in a launch party held at San Francisco this Thursday night. The announcement was perhaps the first big one since IPO. Well, one of the most obvious question arose after the launch. Was App Center really necessary? Many might think this. But in […]

Will Microsoft’s Experiment So.cl Stand Strong In Social Network Arena?


There’s no doubt the social networks have acquired an important part of our lives and we cannot remain away connecting from them. For sure Facebook is an inseparable term if we ever talk about social networks. Various tech biggies tried their hard to compete with Facebook, but Zuckerberg’s network seems to be growing stronger and stronger. Google […]

Facebook adds Glancee in its inventory, the app uses location to connect like-minded individuals nearby


In another mobile play, Facebook has added Glancee in its inventory. Just a couple of days ago, it was confirmed that Facebook purchasedGlancee which is basically a mobile app what uses your location and Facebook login to connect you with like-minded individuals who happen to be near you in real life. But Glancee will not be […]

Twitter completes six years, It Has 140 Million Users


Twitter, the famous mini blogging social networking website has completed sex years in the industry! On this day, six years ago; march 21st 2006, the first tweet of the world was sent by Jack Dorsey. Today, twitter has over 500 million users with new users signing in daily. Personal accounts, celebrity tweets, cute pages, twitter […]