Google Plus iPhone App Download, Google+ App for iPhone now available from iTunes (Official)


The official Google+ App for iPhone is now available for download from iTunes. For some weeks, The Google+ iPhone App was sent to Apple App Store for approval by Google. The new Google Social Network in the previous days was only available as an Android App and on Web as browser-based social networking. You can […]

Google+ now has 10 Million Users, the giant Google Social Network will hit 20 Million users by this weekend


Google+ which is the new Google Social Network has already reached 10 million users according to the some analysis. Google officially hasn’t gave a word about its user count but many other people have been doing reasearch on it. Also, it should be noted that Google+ hasn’t yet been released to the public. But another […]

Google Plus invite to Facebook Friends, Import Facebook friends on Google+, Add Facebook List to Google Cirlces


  Its almost a week after the launch of new Google Social Network, Google+ (Google Plus) and its increasing user rate is very high. But Google+ still doesn’t have the functionality for users to bring friends directly from Facebook to Google+ and every user on Google+ would surely want their Facebook friends to use Google+. […]

Facebook List turned into Facebook Cirlces, see how to add friends the Google+ way with this circle hack, see more features and details


  Many of us are quite familiar with Google+ and we are already into its coolest features. Mainly, the new Google+ concepts of Circles, Hangout and Sparks. Circles which is one of the most interesting and easy to use feature, and indeed there’s no doubt about it as Circles+ lets user create friend list similar […]

Google+, see all the features of new Google Social Network, including Google Plus One, Circles, Hangouts, Sparks & Google Black Bar


  Google+ which is the new Google Social Network has been getting lot of attention right now. Google Plus (Google+) gives more than one, different and new social networking experience because of Google Products and the new Google Black Bar integration which let user share every single content which appears on Google Products. Google Plus […]

Google+ (Google Plus), The new google social network, see whats new & its Google Black Bar over all google products page


  Google launched Google+ (Google Plus) on Tuesday, the company’s new approach to the social networking project. The Google Search Engine is now also a huge single Google Social Network. Google+ (Google Plus), the Google social network was on the roll for limited users only and its high invites rate has forced Google to temporarily shut down Google+ invites. […]