Apple iPhone 5 Vs. Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs. Nokia Lumia 920 Vs. Galaxy Note 2, Compare specs and pictures


Apple has unveiled iPhone 5 which is thinner as well as lighter than the previous ones. Its been upgraded with A6 chip processor which is 2x faster. The screen size is now 4 inches. It can now be connected on 4G LTE network too. [See all new features & technical specs of iPhone 5 here] […]

Apple iPhone 5 unveiled, See all new features and specs: Design, Display, LTE Connectivity, A6 Chip, Price & more

Apple iPhone 5

Apple has finally revealed iPhone 5. It has a brand new design, a brilliant 4-inch Retina display, ultrafast wireless, powerful A6 chip, a new lightning connector, new headphones and many other software upgrades. And ofcouse, it’ll run on iOS 6, which is claimed to be the most advanced mobile operating system. Lets look into the […]

New iPhone 5 Release date when, Price, Specifications, News & Rumor, Verizon & AT&T


Apple’s next iPhone, or iPhone 5 is yet to be announced but we’ve already known many things about it. Though we don’t know what it will be called, we do know its release date, some specs and features. We’ve collected some reliable news which were leaked directly from Apple as well as other leaks that […]

The new iPhone 5 release date may be 21 September as Verizon forbids vacation


TechCrunch talked with a trusted Verizon employee and reported that the iPhone carrier has forbidden holidays for employees starting from Friday September 21 to September 30. This vacation blackout means that Apple’s next iPhone might be released between these dates. And not only Verizon, but also AT&T is expected with some announcement on late September. […]

Google Takes Over Motorola: Should Apple Be Scared Now?

google and motorola mobility

Google won’t be just internet giant further. Google now has something up for smartphone industry too. The internet giant officially took over Motorola Mobility. Along with the smartphones, Google now owns 17.000 patents too. This may be something Apple should really worry about. Apple may be threatening Google with their iPhone 5 and iOS 6 but it […]

Apple Rumor: new iPhones with 3.95 inch and 1136 x 640 display screens being tested


Didn’t someone say Bigger is better? If you are one of those, and would love an extra sized phone in your pocket, rumor town might have something interesting for you all. Apparently, Apple has been testing new iPhones with 3.95 inch (almost 4 inches) and 1136 x 640 display screens. And well, this isn’t even a […]

iPhone 5 release date set to June 2012? [Rumor]


Expecting iPhone 5 to get released soon? Well, your waiting time may shorten to a couple of months only which means it could be released this June. Rumors and speculations are clouding all over Cupertino giant Apple and their iPhone 5. Here’s how the latest rumor comes. Reported by a Foxconn factory worker, the company […]

Sprint races with AT&T and Verizon, ready for iPhone 5 getting 4G LTE feature if any


After the highly successful release of the new iPad, there have been rumors around about iPhone 5 also bearing the LTE. This new, although exciting to many, also came as an issue to few. Like, may be the mobile phone operators. After all, its not that to add up a LTE supporting service. Sprint’s CFO […]

The new iPhone 5 to feature 3D camera? [Rumor/News]


Apple’s next fireworks in their Cupertino inventory is likely their 5th generation iPhone; iPhone 5. Speculations and rumors are likely to raining heavily. Big things are certainly expected out of the iPhone 5. Uncovered patents suggest that Apple is working on a 3D camera for its iOS devices. iPhone 5 could be on the top […]

The new iPhone 5 rumor: same screen display but with LTE feature, release at fall?


There was a rumor recently about the increased screen size of iPhone 5. The new ones contradict saying the 5th generation phone shall have more or less the same screen size as the earlier generations did. The news of use of LTE like in the new iPad, however still remains. Reportedly, the new smartphone from […]