Microsoft launches the Surface Tablet, comes with Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro


The software giant company Microsoft has revealed their first ever self-made hardware, The Surface Tablet. The new Surface comes in two different versions running Windows RT and another with Windows 8 Pro. The Surface tablet features 10.6 inch HD screen display with 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio. It’s very thin, just 9.3mm for Windows RT version […]

Top Internet Browsers IE And Chrome Having Close Battle, Statistics Have Different Stories To Tell


Which internet browser do you prefer most? Chrome, Internet Explorer? The choice may be close one. The statistics are also to much complicated too decide a clear winner. A couple of days ago, Chrome had indexes in its favor making it the top browser. But as per the few past hours statistics, the story is […]

Will Microsoft’s Experiment Stand Strong In Social Network Arena?


There’s no doubt the social networks have acquired an important part of our lives and we cannot remain away connecting from them. For sure Facebook is an inseparable term if we ever talk about social networks. Various tech biggies tried their hard to compete with Facebook, but Zuckerberg’s network seems to be growing stronger and stronger. Google […]

Internet Explorer back to winning position as market share aims for IE9


Microsoft hasn’t lost hope yet with their internet browser. The latest version of their internet browser, Internet Explorer 9 shortly IE 9 has proved to be hidden Ace. For the second time in three months, Internet Explorer made progress by winning large gains, picking up points on the market share. Considering new users, Internet Explorer […]

Samsung may unveil S-Cloud, its own cloud service on May 3


In every aspects, both Samsung and Apple seem to be competing with one another. Samsung is in the verge of introducing a competitor for Apple’s iCloud. It has been heard that Samsung is preparing its own cloud service, dubbed S-Cloud. And as per the reports, the new cloud service from Samsung will be unveiled next […]

Angry Birds Space now to be available for Windows Phone too


Yesterday, we had come up with a sad news for Windows Phone users that Rovio’s latest version for Angry Birds, Angry Birds Space won’t be available for Windows Phones. But the story has turned different way. Rovio has confirmed that they won’t keep away Windows Phone from Angry Birds Space. The game developers have indicated […]

Windows 8 rumored to be announced in October; event in April


Microsoft has been rumored to release its latest OS, the Windows 8 as soon as this summer in the October. The company is expected to have an event in April and give out confirmed information of the release date and features. The rumors come in, just coinciding with the reports that Lenevo could be releasing […]